If you are ready to release your music, then you need to select a digital music distributor who will distribute your music to the streaming websites such as Spotify, iTunes, Google, Deezer, Amazon, Tidal, Napster etc.

The distributor will also collect the royalties from those sites and distribute them back to you.  So, it is important that you choose wisely. 
– The distributors are not all the same. 
– They operate in an unregulated market. 
– This has enabled some of them to be “creative” in the way they make money. 
– The distributor who appears to be welcoming and cheapest may not be the most punctual or accurate at paying out your royalties.  A well-established site has been known to let you set up your tracks but not payout any royalties when they become due some months later. We suggest that you wait until your chosen aggregator has actually paid you royalties before completely committing your music and money into them. Consider looking at review sites such as Trustpilot. Check the negatives as well as the positives!

The table on here are designed to help you make the correct selection.  Much of this information has been integrated from the data found on http://aristake.com/post/cd-baby-tunecore-ditto-mondotunes-zimbalam-or.  However, Ari’s information did not include just how trustworthy and reliable the distributors are (or not).  The following table does:

PARENT COMPANYKobalt Music GroupAVL Digital Groupn/an/an/aLandar Audio INCn/an/aeMinor INC.n/aBelieve Distribution Servoicen/an/an/aCD Babyn/a
COMMISION15%9%0%0%20% with Free, 0% with fee0%10%15%0%Free = 15%, Premium = 0% 0%0%0%5%15%0%
OPEN TO ALLSubmissionYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYessubmissionYesYes
SIGN UP FREE$0$0$0$0$0$0$0$00$0$$0$0$0$00$$25
DISTRIBUTION FEE$0Single = $9.95 Album = $49Unlimited = $19.99/ yr- $35.99/yrUnlimited for...1 Artist = $19 / 2 artists= $29 / up to 51-3 Songs = £20, 4-6 songs = £30 , 7- 20 Songs = £40, OR free for 80%$12/Year = 10 Songs, $36/Year = Unlimited.$39.99 Unlimited Songs.$0single = $9.95 Album = $19.951 Song ($10), 2-6 song ($20), 7-18 songs ($30) 18+ songs($45)1 song=$9.99 2+ songs=$29.99$0$0$00$1-5 tracks $10.99, 1-15 tracks $29.99, 1-30 $39.99, 30+$50
YEARLY FEE$0$0Unlimited songs = $19.99/ yr- $35.99/yr1 Artist = $19 . 2 artists= $29 . / Up to 10 Artists = $119 /£0$12/Year = 10 Songs, $36/Year = Unlimited.$39.99 Unlimited Songs.$0single = $9.95 Album = $19.95$9.99/yr or fee with "Free"single: $9.99 // album: $49.99$0$0$00$$0
TAKEDOWN COSTfreefreefreefree£100 within 3 monthfreefreefreefreefreefreefreefreefreefreefree
PUNCTUAL PAYMENTS?Not knownNot knownNot allNot knownNot allNot knownNot knownNot knownNot knownYesNot knownNot knownNot knownNot knownNot knownNot known
ACCURATE PAYMENTS?Not knownNot knownNot allNot knownNot allNot knownNot knownNot knownNot knownNot knownNot knownNot knownNot knownNot knownNot knownNot known
PAYMENTWithin 45 DaysWeeklyBy withdrawImmediateMonthly £3 Charge OverseasImmediatemonthlyImmediateYearlyOn the 15th of each monthweekly2 Month Delay15th of the monthMonthlyquarterly
PAYMENT THRESHOLD$45User set Minimum$0$25UK = £0 OUTSIDE UK 10£$0$25$0$5$50$0$10$25$50$20$50
RELEASE COVER SONGS?YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesyesYesYesby requestYesyes
SPEED TO SPOTIFY5 Days3-5 days2-7 Days1-3 Days4-5 Days3-5 DaysUp to 30 days3-5 Days1-2 Days2-4 days5 business days5 Business DayUp to 3 Days5 days3-5 days originals, 5-10 days for cover3+ days
IN HOUSE SPOTIFY PLAYLIST PLUGGER?By Request and with ApprovalNoNoYesYesYesNoNoNoYesby requestYes (Once Signed)YesYesNoby request
COST OF ISCR CODES?freefreefreeFreeFreeFreeFreefreefreefreefreefreeFreefreefreefree
COST OF UPC CODES?free$5 Single $20 AlbumfreeFreeFreeFreeFreefreefreefreefreefreeFreefreefreefree
ITUNES, GOOGLE, AMAZON, PREORDERfreefreeYes$40freen/a$25$0n/afree(Automatic)$15By RequestYesn/aYesfree
CUSTOMER SUPPORT EMAIL TURN AROUND6 DaysSame Day (Business Day)1 Business Dayhours 24/724 Hourswithin 24 Hour'shours 24/7within 24 hour1 Business Day48 hour1 business dayWithin a Day7 Days1 day1-3 days1 business day
CUSTOMER LIVE CHATExisting clients only9am-5pm PSTNoUK onlyNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNoYesNoNo
# OF OUTLETS200+100+150+200+200+150+200+3190+200+150+200+15125200+
# OF SONGS RELEASED280,000+7.34 million1.62 million1000/week on Average250,000n/a500,000+2 millionn/a1 millionn/an/a224,000n/a250,0001 million
# OF LABELSn/an/a75,00015,000200n/a3,000-3500400-500n/a10s of thousandn/an/an/an/a10,000